Welcome to your Yoga journey on Staten Island! My belief is that anyone can do yoga.  Whether you are a beginner, pregnant, a senior, disabled or someone who just wants to grow with their current practice, one must understand from the onset what can be gained through yoga.  Those that practice yoga improve their physical strength, increase flexibility, increase lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons, naturally detoxify and massage the body and its organs, as well as attain mental clarity.

 I teach a fusion of traditional Vinyasa flow and core strength fitness Yoga for a more physical workout, focusing on overall wellness which can be adapted for any shape, size and age. Postures are modified to accommodate those with physical ailments or special needs and focus on individual requirements.

I also teach gentle restorative Yoga, bringing the healing benefits of yoga to those who have been unable to take part in a routine class setting, such as senior citizens or the disabled. In this class, we will work from chairs, the wall or use props.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes are offered for all the stages of pregnancy and the postnatal period.  Classes will give mothers the strength and stamina needed physically to deliver safely.  Mothers will work on stabilizing muscles and the structure of their bodies.  Yoga breathing techniques will be taught to relax the body and mind.  Yoga philosophy is taught to train mothers to keep a relaxed focus and expand the connection to their baby, therefore, building mindfulness and calmness to prepare for the success of labor and after. 

Yoga benefits include:
- Natural Weight Loss
- Increased Strength
- Naturally Defined Physique
- Better Body Tone
- Increased Stamina
- Improved Posture
- Reduce Stress

- Relaxed and Clear Mind

Gentle Restorative Classes are created for those with physical disabilities, aliments, recovering from surgery, Seniors or those who are seeking a gentle practice to restore the body and mind.
Classes will include poses and methods that will allow students to increase muscular strength, endurance, flexibility as well as stamina, lung capacity and overall wellness. While experiencing the positive effects Yoga has on the mind-body connection.

Postures are modified into variations designed to fit each individuals needs.

Most importantly, Have Fun!